Power and Energy Management Forum
Minimize Downtime
Improve Energy Efficiency

Power is critical for your industrial facility. A momentary loss of it can be costly. Attend the Power & Energy Forum and discover:

  • How to avoid expensive downtime and production shutdowns.
  • How to improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • How to implement a new process-based approach to energy management for greater control and savings
  • How to spot the signs you have a power quality issue and what to do about it
  • And much more!

Power Quality Issues & Correction

Know the signs and symptoms you may have a power quality issue. The negative affects of hidden power quality issues and the benefits of correcting it. Learn solutions to correct PQ issues.

Power and Energy Meters

Know the differences between types of energy meters, current sensors and power meters. Understand why power monitoring is important and learn some common PQ issues and symptoms. Learn how a power monitoring system can enhance information provided by meters.

Industrial Energy Management by Process

Learn how to improve energy management and efficiency in industrial facilities with a process-based approach. Discover benefits to process level energy metering. Identify some market trends when integrating energy management with industrial processes.Hear about some typical use cases uncovered by practical implementations of process level energy monitoring.


Top 10 Problems with Electrical Systems

Learn the potential issues and pitfalls of your electrical system. From setpoint files, to CT inputs and circulating ground currents. Learn electrical system issues, what causes them, and how to correct them.