Power and Energy Management Forum
Minimize Power Losses
Improve Energy Efficiency

Power is critical for your data center. A momentary loss of it can be costly. Attend the Power & Energy Forum and discover:

  • How to avoid expensive downtime
  • How to improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • How to identify and correct power factor issues
  • How to spot the signs you have a power quality issue and what to do about it
  • And much more!


Data Center Efficiency

Understanding calculating efficiency in data centers. Learn how to increase the power efficiency or "green factor" of a data center.

Power Quality Issues & Correction in Data Centers

Know the signs and symptoms you may have a power quality issue. The negative affects of hidden power quality issues and the benefits of correcting it. Learn solutions to correct PQ issues in data centers.

Energy and Power Management Systems in Data Centers

Understand what an EPMS system does in a data center. Know the parts and pieces of a system, the basic design and the benefits. 

Trends in the Data Center Market - The shift to Hyperscale and Micro Data Centers including Prefab

The data center market has shifted at an astounding velocity. For many years it was safe to build an enterprise data center with enough extra capacity. Predictable growth, steady and moderate created the baseline for overprovisioning and excess capacity. Virtualization, Colocation, Cloud Services, Converged Infrastructure, higher power and cooling density, rising energy cost, Prefabrication, Everything as a Service are driving forces in their new data center landscape. It has pushed the industry to an entirely new paradigm. This session provides a rich set of information that prepares today’s data center leaders with the details needed to make the proper and educated decision.

Microgrids for Data Centers - Improving Reliability, Meeting Social Responsibility Goals and Lowering Overall Cost

Traditionally, Utility companies are providing the power to energize our data centers. Prices for renewable energy resources are falling to a level where the implementation becomes a logical decision. Saving cost for energy, meeting corporate social responsibilities while improving reliability is real. And yet, how does it all get integrated and controlled? A microgrid becomes the logical choice. In this presentation the audience will get to learn the differences between a microgrid and an advanced microgrid. How it can be implemented.  And furthermore, realize the technical and
financial benefits and values an advanced microgrid offers.