Power and Energy Management Forum
Earn CEUs and PDHs

Power and energy management is critical for your customers. Learn how to design a system that minimizes power losses and maximizes efficiency. Attend the Power & Energy Forum and discover:

  • How harmonics are created on systems and their effects
  • How to design an EPMS for critical power facilities
  • How to select the proper meter type by application
  • What power quality issues are and how they impact a system
  • And much more!

Power and Energy Meters CEU276

Know the differences between types of energy meters, current sensors and power meters. Understand why power monitoring is important and learn some common PQ issues and symptoms. Learn how a power monitoring system can enhance information provided by meters.

Data Center Energy and Power Management System Design and Specification Considerations CEU201

Learn the reasons why an EPMS is important and important capabilities of a system. Determine the equipment and devices that an EPMS monitors and learn typical considerations for laying out an EPMS. Define important specification items for the EPMS vendor. Determine how to apply control power to the EPMS. Identify the types of EPMS redundancy that are available, typical EPMS response time expectations and the types of EPMS timing accuracy.

Energy and Power Monitoring Systems for Healthcare and other Critical Power Facilities CEU285

Learn how meter data can be used to improve facility operations. Determine the impact of poor power quality on equipment and infrastructure. Identify key electrical standards and how the compliance reporting process can be improved. Learn how to determine the proper meter type for different meter applications and define important specification items for the EPMS system.

Emerging Features in Integrated Power & Energy Management CEU322

Learn the advantages and main categories of value of an integrated power & energy management system (PEMS).Discover some new features to manage power quality compliance, availability and reliability. Learn new features to optimize power equipment performance and facilitate energy management programs

Industrial Energy Management by Process CEU286

Learn how to improve energy management and efficiency in industrial facilities with a process-based approach. Identify some design considerations when integrating energy management to industrial processes. Discover some potential benefits to process level energy metering. Identify some market trends when integrating energy management with industrial processes.  Learn about some typical use cases uncovered by practical implementations of process level energy monitoring.